Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vulture Stills With Broderick Crawford

Eric Spear responsible for music posting tonight. Other flick Eric work on: GHOST SHIP, STRANGER FROM VENUS and FROZEN ALIVE! Search Dungeon previous posts for FROZEN ALIVE or original title DER FALL X701!.. Great stuff there!!

Watch out, here come... THE VULTURE!

Annette Carell play Ellen West, who taking shortcut through graveyard at night and lucky enough to see giant vulture with dude' head come out of ground and fly over her!! She faint and when she wake up, hair turn white from fright!! Then she get visit from strange-o occult nerd dude on loose. Very sad, Annette die same year of this movie release at age 38!

Okay, all travel music with dialogue you hear happen here while Robert' wife Trudy, play by Diane Clare, drive to uncle' house in English countryside!

Broderick listen to Robert' wild theory about atomic mutation! Then, Akim Tamiroff who play very creepy Professor Koniglich come snooping around...

Since Broderick heavy sleeper, Vulture Dude knock hard on window to wake up. Broderick fall for it with dire consequence. So, Broderick get to pack bags and go home while other actor' have to stay and finish makin' monster flick!

Later, creepy Professor get Trudy stranded and she have to walk to bus stop. He then go to secret lab in basement so he can mutate into Vulture Dude and take Trudy to hidden cave in cliff at ocean.

While Professor transform into Vulture, Robert find lab open and see Professor' skeleton just sittin' there... Now, everthing clear!

Robert know about cave so he speed there in red Mustang, climb cliff and yell to Trudy in nick o' time, "shoot him!" So, she pull out gun and shoot him!! Robert get rid of dead bird body in ocean so nobloody ever know about such perverted science!!

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