Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Forrest Ackerman

Right now, as an extra added bonus feature, I'd like to share some photos taken at "The Ackermansion" in 2001, when we went to visit Forry to talk to him about being the host for a movie we had made. If you never had a chance to go, here's just a small taste of what you missed!!

Any normal person would die to have this Superman standee that was among a bunch of damaged stuff that was just piled up outside the back entrance of Forry's pad!!

You could walk through room after room covered from celing to floor in posters, lobby cards, books and miniatures!!

This was the man's living room!!

Forry would just open up his house at no charge a couple of Saturday's a month, and after you took the tour, he would answer any and all questions, and maybe even act out the part in some movie with you!! It would blow you away!! The man was a Prince!!

When we were there, the phone rang, and he just looked at me, and said "Would you answer that?" Sure Forry, no problem!!! "Forrest J. Ackerman's residence, can I help you?" what a kick!!

If you didn't already know it, Stephen Spielberg was the President of The Forrest J. Ackerman Fan Club! If that doesn't tell you how important this man's influence was, nothing will!! Forry, we'll always be thinking about you, but, for now, just as you would want it, it's time to go on with the show!!!

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