Saturday, April 7, 2012

911 Witness David Graham Murdered

David Graham -- Saw three of the alleged hijackers in Shreveport with a Pakistani businessman prior to 9/11

Shreveport attorney John Milkovich, a friend of Dr. Graham, explained, "he documented in his book that he had reported them to the FBI some ten months before 9/11 and of course that you know, the FBI, federal authorities never detained these individuals, and that he had received a threat."
Graham told those close to him that threat came from a federal agent.

Milkovich is the man who gave the eulogy at Graham's funeral.
He said that there's no question about whether or not someone poisoned Dr. Graham.
The question has always been who did it.
Milkovich continued, "I personally don't know who poisoned him but I think that it's very important that the truth come out."

So, Graham sees the alleged hijackers in a place where they supposedly never were with a man they supposedly never knew.

He came to the FBI with this information and received threats from federal agents.

Was this an important part of their set up as "Oswalds" and was Graham dangerous for having seen it/reported it?

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