Saturday, April 7, 2012

Barry Jennings Murdered 911 Witness

Barry Jennings -- Former New York Housing Authority Emergency Coordinator, Key witness to explosions inside Building 7, Witness to bodies inside Building 7

Barry Jennings, a former New York Housing Authority Emergency Coordinator and key 9/11 witness, has died of undisclosed causes at the age of 53.

Barry Jennings is most famously known for his eyewitness accounts of what happened in World Trade Center 7 (WTC7), another large building that fell on the World Trade Center site that was not hit by an airplane. Jennings claims that he heard explosions while in the building, furthering conspiracy theories that there were bombs and planned implosions at the site.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently released a report and video detailing the collapse of WTC7, using architectural data, witness accounts, computer models and physical laws to conclude that WTC7 collapsed because of fire, not explosions.

Some alternative media sources like see Barry Jennings' mysterious death as even more reason to believe the events of September 11, 2001 were planned and orchestrated by the United States government.

On 9/11, Barry Jennings reported that he and Michael Hess had been blown back by a big explosion inside Building 7.
He later said in an interview that he had heard explosions in Building 7 before either Tower had collapsed.
He reported that the entire place had been evacuated far in advance. He also reported that he was stepping over bodies, contradicting the official claim that no one died in Building 7.

He died mysteriously on August 19, 2008 -- two days before the release of the NIST Report's first draft. The cause of death was undisclosed.
A private investigator was hired to look into the death. He returned the money he had been given, referred the case to law enforcement, and did not want to be contacted about this matter again.

Why does the death of Barry Jennings continue to be shrouded in mystery and what scared off a highly-paid private investigator from the case?

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