Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Light On JFK Murder Conspiracy

Overhead view of the Presidential limousine, Nov. 22, 1963

We know from frame 312 of the Zapruder film that just after President Kennedy had been hit in the throat he turned at the last second to his left almost facing Jackie. which exposed his right temple to the front of the car.

Statements made by seven different Parkland Hospital doctors including Dr. Robert N. McClelland, Dr. Paul Peters and Dr. Charles A. Crenshaw indicate that the original appearance of the wound to Kennedy’s head was a large gaping entry wound to his right temple (left as you face him) and a much larger exit wound in the right rear of his head.

A right side head wound is indicated in the statements of Doctors Malcom Perry, Charles Baxter, Robert N. McClelland, William Kemp Clark and M.T. Jenkins.

In this view of the limousine and its occupants, the trajectory of a bullet that would cause this kind of wound has been traced backwards to the point of origin, which is the right shoulder of William Greer, the limousine driver.

It should also be noted that Dr. McClelland also made testimony to the Warren Commission that the head wound could have been caused by "a handgun fired at close range."

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